Five Areas of Subject Matter Expertise:

Networking Infrastructure:
Emphasis on assisting the clients with IT architecture and product decisions. Includes technology requirements utilizing LAN and WAN
connective solutions. This includes Campus LAN, and core Top-of-Rack (TOR) decisions. Implementation and provisioning of Virtualization
and Cloud Based solutions to assess network anomalies.

Distributed Networks:
The demand for increased network throughput and network performance, our review team will provide a real-time operations assessment of
network functionality, strengths, capabilities, and capacities for network optimization. The tools include WAN acceleration, and application

With the growth in technology and regulatory requirements, we assist our clients with coordination, selection and deployment of the latest
cost effective storage hardware that benefits the client’s emerging growth needs. Our team conducts a review of leading product solutions to
determine best product system alignments. Review storage requirements represent the fastest growing segment of the IT Managed services

The Security practice includes network security and data security review. Network Security is commonly discussed around the issue of
Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) - the successor to Intrusion Detection System (IDS).  Our organization provides specialization to thwart
increased security breaches of data systems. Our strategic partnerships have been effective in mitigating data loss through prevention
strategies, endpoint security, and wildfire security analytics.

Application Performance Management (APM)
Utilization of special tools to monitor and measure performance of applications across infrastructure (networking, servers, and storage),
virtual environments, and the cloud. This application allows for improved support and quantitative decision making

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